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Kim Campbell



About our artistic high school senior photographer

Kim Campbell and Francisco Salgado met in 1992 and quickly fell in love and built a life together that has allowed them to be surrounded with creativity, the community and family for over 24 years. In 1995, they turned their passion for photography and art and into a career with the opening of Campbell Salgado Studio, which was located next to the Burnside Skate Park for ten years and then found it's home in the Sellwood neighborhood in 2005. Francisco runs the production dept for the studio, as well as, helping cool people find great homes for sale in Portland as a real estate agent.

Our principal senior photographer is Kim Campbell and her years of photography experience lets her work with young adults in a playful and authentic way. Lighting, camera settings, and posing are second nature for Kim which allows her to bring out a high school seniors most relaxed and true self.

Kim also does fine art photography, often featuring people in dreamy, mind-bending images, view more of her personal fine art work here

Photographer Kim Campbell, from her fine art series   DEEP in Between

Photographer Kim Campbell, from her fine art series DEEP in Between

I was so impressed with the warm welcome from the moment I arrived at the studio. Kim has such a great approach in helping you (the subject) relax with camera. I so enjoyed having my portraits taken in each of the settings, indoors and out.
— Marcus, Google