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Can you take my senior picture outdoors?

Of course - we've got lots of artistic and urban backgrounds to choose from. What's really special is that we won't be traveling all around Portland to do it. In our one-of-a-kind natural light outdoor photo studio we've built striking backgrounds out of stucco, copper, tin and wood.

Indoors or outdoors the options are endless and we'll help customize a session based on your favorite backgrounds and personal style. Inside our studio we can create contemporary, fashionable portraits in black and white or color.

What's the first step?

Before booking your session come into our Sellwood studio for a complimentary portrait planning session. You can check out our space and let us know how we can create the perfect session for you. You'll leave with a folder full of information and a plan for when you return.

How do I get my yearbook photo to the school?

All you need to do is sit back and choose your favorite photo and leave the rest to us. We'll email it on over to your yearbook staff or upload it to the yearbook production. Your school's guidelines will tell us how - just bring those into the planning session. Don't know your deadlines, we do our best to track Portland yearbook requirements here.

Is retouching included?

Yes, a natural (not-over-the-top) retouch is included. Skin will be clear, sleepy eyes will be brightened and stray hairs removed. Your best self...that's our promise to you.




The Investment

How much does it cost?


$650 - sitting fee of $200 (Weekday or Sat) + small package of $450

Your Package Includes...

  • A 30 minute planning session in our studio or over the telephone.

  • An 80 minute photo shoot in studio with up to 4 backgrounds and clothing changes.

  • A personalized photo blog post on our site to share with friends and family.

  • The following week come back for a multi-media presentation where we set the very best images from your session to music and assist you in creating awesome wall art for your home.

  • Pick your 3 favorite poses and you'll receive a package that includes 4 retouched prints, 3 web-sized files for sharing online and a yearbook photo.

  • Love more? Additional prints, digital files and photo products are available for purchase.

We wanted all of them, it was so hard to choose. The prints are amazing quality and have become prized possessions in our home and are displayed so proudly.
— Katy, Google +

How to Prepare

What kinds of outfits should I bring?

Bring at a minimum of three complete outfit choices. Something that pleases 'YOU'. Something that pleases 'YOUR FOLKS' and something with great contrast for black and whites.

Most Seniors bring a suitcase, shopping bag or laundry basket full of their favorite outfits from head-to-toe and let their senior portraits photographer help them coordinate with each background change.  Choose flattering clothes that fit well, have lots of texture and are in your favorite colors. We've that neutral tones like black,  navy, charcoal, cream and brown work well against the rich, natural colored backgrounds in our outdoor natural-light photo studio. Whenever you can incorporate texture with layering or fabric - do so.

Don't forget to match your shoes and boots to the outfit because you'll be photographed in all kinds of poses. Standing, sitting or in a handstand make sure you've thought about your look from head to toe.

Do you have a make-up artist?

Having photos that look like 'YOU' are what we're all about and we've found that Seniors know better than anyone how to dial in their personal look. If you want some extra attention we can hook you up -  just ask.