We first met Kellie when she was a little ballerina back in 2007 and guess, what? She’s still a dancer! Waldorf educated and completely lovely and creative Kellie has a bright future. We’re really excited for her!


Noah’s playful personality and cool sense of style makes him pretty irresistible to photograph. It also helps that he kept us laughing for the entire session. Thanks for the fun Noah!


We’ve enjoyed watching Abby and her twin Audrey grow up over the years. Her creative and nurturing spirit is so sweet to watch. With an interest in teaching we see a great career path in front of her.


Jonathan is a science scholar with a fashionable air. Looking for a great science program–preferably on the West coast–Jonathan is planning his high school exit strategy early. Good luck! Though we don’t think you’ll need luck as we are certain you will be successful with whatever you set your mind to.


You can’t find a chiller teen that Finn. We’ve known this young man since he was a freckle faced kindergartener. With an avid thirst for all things outdoors we’ve enjoyed hearing about his expeditions, adventures and shenanigans. Congrats Finn!


With an eye on the future, Audrey has a plan to explore medicine. We are certain whatever she sets her mind to she’ll achieve. It’s been such a treat watching Audrey and her twin Abby grow up in front of our lens. We first met the twins when they were newborn babies. Good luck Audrey as you step into the future!


Nora is one of our lovely photo assistants here at CSS. She’s an extremely talented musician who plays the piano and guitar, sings and much more. It’s also her senior year. We are so grateful for her skills here at CSS and hope her final year of high school is the best!


This young woman has an infectious smile and a keen sense of personal style. We LOVED that she brought a bundle of sunflowers to her portrait session. The last time we saw this sparkly young lady was about 9 years ago so we were happy to welcome her back. Whatever the future holds for Brooke, we are sure it is going to be fabulous.


Ben is on the hunt for a west coast based university for next year and no doubt he’s having fun exploring Oregon and California while doing so. In the mean time, this young is playing water polo and generally enjoying life. We hope he finds what he’s looking for.


Wahoo, Wiley is in the house! We cannot believe it is the senior year for this young man. He is a very good friend of Tamaio, in fact, they met in kindergarten. We've known him almost  his entire life. So, what does the future hold for this handsome guy? Possibly the good old U of O!


Well, we've known Ben since he was in kindergarten and now the time has come for his senior year of high school. This guy is big soccer player and is also in band which we think is super cool. He's got a lot of options and choices ahead to make and we wish him an excellent final year.


We just can't believe Olivia is a senior in high school! We've known and have been photographing this beautiful young woman for a very long time- most of her life in fact. And now, she's a year a way from making her mark on the world. Someday lawyer and current activist, we have no doubt she will go far. 


It's the final stretch for Sidney and we're pretty sure she's excited about it. Would you believe that this young lady is a fencer? It's a five day a week habit- so one might say she's pretty serious about it. We're confident that Sidney has bright and interesting future ahead of her. Good luck girl!


Ames, aka, Emelia had a pretty sweet summer. She spent the month of July road tripping around the country with her friend. And now this art and theatre loving young lady gets to dream about what's next, as she finishes up her last year of high school. Sky's the limit.  Good luck Ames!


Lacrosse loving Anna also adores travel. She spent two weeks in Switzerland this past summer and plans to add Australia and Alaska to her bucket list. We feel a special kinship to those who love to travel. Good luck with your final year of high school Anna!


We have seen Owen or his younger brother Elliot in 10 years! It's exciting to see how they've both grown into such handsome young men. It's Owen's final year of high school and this thoughtful young man with the contagious smile is certain to take the world by storm.


This young man has some big decisions to make this year about where the future leads but we have no doubt that handsome and charismatic Miles, will figure it all out very soon. Until then, enjoy your final year of high school Miles!


He's got a great smile, doesn't he? Although quiet in nature, Taylor has a strong presence and will definitely make his mark on the world. Oh and he's tall, 6'5" to be exact. ;) Good luck this year Taylor.


This girl brought some flare to her senior session with completely gorgeous purple hair. We think quirky and fun Maddie is definitely going to make the most out of her final year of high school and her love of her home state will keep her close for university next fall. Have a great year!


Teagan (like Regan) is interested in the coolest of things like astrophysics, astronomy and theatre. She is truly a girl after my own heart. We wish her all the best in her final year of high school and for her bright future as well.